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Memoir, Twins, Siblings, Abuse, Sexual abuse, Childhood abuse, Abuse survivors

The Unwanted Twins
God is always watching
by Heidi L. Kline

As a child, Heidi Kline endured unfathomable physical and sexual abuse at the hands of almost everyone she ever trusted. She and her twin sister, Holly, were labelled "The Unwanted Twins" by their entire family and spent their early years feeling unloved and unprotected. Now, in this gripping, powerful autobiography, she tells her courageous story of triumph over an upbringing she would not let define her. With the help of her twin sister’s love, as well being a spiritual medium, she was able to survive her childhood and put her shattered life back together. The Unwanted Twins is one woman’s unflinching look at a childhood no child should have to endure, with a message of hope, resilience, love, and forgiveness.

"Kline does excellent work in reconstructing a troubling past. She paints her memories with excruciating detail, but also with a slightly detached tone that gives the accounts a grave realism." —Kirkus Review

Heidi Kline is from London, Ontario, she lives with her partner, and her daughter, grandson and adopted son. She has been a member of The Spiritual Church of Canada for over twenty years and is a psychic, spiritual medium, and healer.


Heidi L. Kline

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