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Decision-Making / Problem Solving, Job Interviews, Leadership, Responsibility, Self-reflection, Business Discipline

The Leader's Practice Guide
How to Achieve True Leadership Success
by John Knapp

Against the backdrop of accelerating change and global turbulence, good leadership is called for now more than ever. But what constitutes “good leadership”? Why do teams follow some leaders willingly and others only because there is no better alternative? What attributes do individual employees look for in their leader and what behaviors should leaders model to build effective performance and create lasting trust? How do elements like morality, perseverance, duty, innovation, compassion, power and responsibility impact leadership success, and how do effective leaders integrate these to achieve powerful outcomes?

Drawing on almost four decades of hands-on leadership experience, and using material that has delivered tangible results and elicited strong, positive reviews, author John Knapp warmly and authoritatively engages the reader in an exploration of the key principles of leadership. The Leader’s Practice Guide thoroughly equips current and up-and-coming leaders with credible insights and practical steps to comprehensively incorporate elements of leadership, such as the leader’s duty of care, how to view oneself objectively, decision-making, business discipline, leading change, performance management, and innovation.

Through incisive and challenging questions, a fresh and conversational narrative that actively engages the reader beyond simply informing, and unique formulae for growth and success, the author consistently emphasizes the ultimate importance of selflessness and care as the foundation on which great leadership is built. The Leader’s Practice Guide is a dynamic work that will leave the reader inspired, while invigorating all who strive to lead with increased vitality and success.

Praise for the Content from Hundreds of Leaders in Seminars and Classrooms

"I will carry these insights with me as guiding principles for the rest of my career."

"The principles inspired me to consider leadership in a new light."

"This has profoundly impacted my approach to leadership."

"I've attended a number of leadership seminars but this was the best."

Praise for the Author as a Leader

"Your ability to build a culture of trust in the organization has been inspiring."

"I've been with this organization for a long time. Without a doubt, you are the most inspiring leader we've had."

"Watching you model the way has taught me the principles of great leadership in action."

"A breath of fresh air."

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Widely known and trusted, the author has exemplified the principles he writes about through his background as a successful leader. He continues to thrive as a consultant, noted public speaker, and amateur triathlete, and is currently penning a subsequent work, The Senior Leader's and CEO's Practice Guide. Together with Karen, his wife of 37 years, John lives in the picturesque Okanagan region of British Columbia, which is renowned for its abundant vineyards, lush orchards, crystal-clear lakes, tranquil mountains, and superb quality of life. A loving father and active grandfather, his favourite form of recreation is anything that has him enjoying time outdoors and in the water with his four grandchildren.


John Knapp

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