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Spirituality, Energy, Romance, Environmentalism, New Age, Paranormal, Religion

The Empress of Quintessence
EARTH by Laurie Adams

A conversation with a wealthy neighbour gives environmentalist Maria a chance to undertake her dream project: building a world class, eco-friendly wellness facility in the heart of the Niagara Escarpment; one that is uncompromising in its commitment to an environmental and wholistic sound practice. But the chance comes with a catch. Not only does Maria have five years to complete her project and turn a profit, but she also has to demonstrate that her environmentalist principals are viable in the corporate world, or else she has to sell.

Soon it becomes clear that her development is important to many more people than just herself. She and her land in particular become a focal point for mystics, spiritualists and healers each with an agenda of their own. As Maria progresses in her understanding of the deeper aspects of the metaphysical and paranormal, some friends become enemies, and some lovers, while others drift off into the ether, or return from the dead. Through them all, Maria learns of an ancient spiritual struggle that encapsulates Earth, one that she’s much more a part of than she ever would have imagined.

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Laurie Adams is the award winning developer of E’Terra, a world class destination wellness Villa. She is a mother of three, has been a Chairperson, sat on many councils and governmental boards including attending two world summits. She has also been a successful restaurateur, public speaker, Arabian horse breeder and Eco Tourism outfitter.

She believes in the harmonization of concepts regarding Preservation, Conservation, Health, and Imagination. Laurie loves to travel away from the beaten track. Life is her education earning the degree of a real live Passion Virtuoso. She lives on the shores of Georgian Bay near Tobermory, Canada, with her Saluki, three cats, puffer fish, and a field of horses.

The Empress of Quintessence is her first novel.


Laurie Adams

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