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A Braided Cord
by Jim Warren

This book describes life long learning expressed often as allegory or metaphor, but derived from life long events. The braided cord reflects the union of body, mind and soul, but because I am a surgeon, the body is topmost in my mind and my book. My exploration of flesh, and the rest, derives from 40 years of surgery and anatomy. All of us are in nature and of nature and there are no natural borders that divide us. To see nature and ourselves as through a prism leads us to the perception that we are broken up from ourselves and nature in the spectrum and we create borders that are artificial. We owe it to ourselves to embrace the Universal so we can arrive at the point that we realize we and nature are one white light. When we do, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and a sense of unity will follow. I can’t think how, in the past, I could have been so dumb. This book is both playful and intense but like nature, despite its diversity always returns, to a single theme.

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Jim Warren is a retired Orthopedic surgeon living on Salt Spring Island on the Salish Sea. His curriculum vitae is MD, Manitoba 1957, MSc (Anatomy), UBC 1961, FRCS(C), 1963. That tells you nothing other than he knows a bit about the human body. He has blended into the land, sky and sea, the ethos and spirit of the Canadian Gulf Islands and is alive to the sense of self and place that is his today. He knows he will be gone eventually and is intrigued! He believes there is a continuity in life and death that is not just molecular. In matters of this nature there is never right and never wrong. There only is mystery!


Jim Warren

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