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  • Drawn In

    An Illustrated Garden Tour by

    The garden is an ever-evolving story unfolding through the seasons from spring heralded by the bloom of delicate flowers and pale leaves unfurling to winter’s eventual wind down. Author and illustrator Alison Syer captures these moments in Drawn In: ...

  • The Pig Behind The Door


    A few years ago, I received a gift of a three-foot ceramic pig and wondered, what do I do with it? After some discussion, my husband and I went and purchased and old antique door and window and hung them under one of the huge cedar trees in our ...

  • Minding The Garden

    Lilactree Farm by

    What can a gardener learn from Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony? Are perennial plants symbols of friendship? Is gardening in the Whig tradition? Are ‘non-native’ plants ‘aliens’? Can the art of writing a novel be compared to gardening? Is Monty Don ...

  • Listen to Your Garden

    Hidden Dimensions by

    The stories in this book describe a personal encounter with the broader environment of the garden. Nature becomes this book and Human Nature becomes the story. These stories will show you how the garden can speak to you; that you can have an ...