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New beginnings, Doctor, Laurentian Mountains, Montreal, Serial Killer, Police officer, Cat

Lake of Hidden Secrets
by Roland R.J. Robert

Great move, girl, she silently reproached herself. Here she was in the middle of a forest with no place to go if this guy attacked. What was she going to do now? Tracie quickly studied her options and decided she'd never be able to get back to her car and leave before he caught her. She looked around; running was out of the question. Where could she run to? She noticed a fallen tree branch not much longer than a baseball bat lying in the ditch and decided that, if he made a move, her only hope would be to beat him off with that. Then she smiled at herself. This is silly. I've got to stop watching those police dramas.

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Born in Montreal, I was a military dependent and moved often. The only anchor in my life became my writing. I’ve written short stories, poetry, song lyrics and plays. Throughout the years I’ve studied psychology, history, philosophy and received diplomas in administration and creative writing. I was an administrator during my military career. I’ve published Magazine articles including, ‘The Last Miracle of life’ and ‘Prayer: The Power and The Promise.’ ‘Lake of Hidden Secrets’ is the accomplishment of my long lived publishing dream.


Roland R.J. Robert

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