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Children's book, Dog, Boy, Giant, puppies, family, belonging

The Chair by the Side of the Road
by Adrian Hawaleshka

Outside the village, a HUMONGOUS empty chair sat at the side of the road. The villagers tell stories of a nice little boy, Luka, the son of the grocer, who became a giant. Every year he grew twice as big as the year before and the villagers, who were only two feet tall, worried that he would destroy their village. They built a house in the woods and a big chair for him where he could sit by the road and do no damage. Luka was miserable sitting by himself but one day a big dog came along and changed everything!

This is a story of how it feels to be on the outside looking in... about the frustration that comes when you feel ‘different’... and how the love of family can give you strength.

Luka shows us that family can come in many forms... even in the shape of a humongous dog!

About the Author

A life-long Manitoban, Adrian has been writing for as long as he can remember. The inspiration for this children's book came from playing with his nephew Maksym. There is a large chair by the side of a highway in Manitoba that had been placed there as a part of an engineering project at the University of Manitoba. When Maksym was three, he was terrified of it. He asked, “Who sits in it? Why is he watching me?” As Adrian drove past that chair every summer on the way to the beach in Gimli, he kept asking himself, “Who does sit in that chair?” With the birth of his son Luka and the support of his wife Joleen, Adrian decided to write his first children's book. He sincerely hopes you like it.

About the Illustrator

Natasha Boone comes from the west coast of Canada but now lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband, son, over-sized dog and elderly cat. Natasha has always loved doodling and is still most happy when putting pencil to paper. For more examples of her work, please visit her at or contact her at


Adrian Hawaleshka
Natasha Boone

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