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Church Castle Corgis cover

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Faerie, fantasy, realms, magic, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Corgis

Church Castle Corgis
Book One - The Tales From Church Castle Corgis by S.Wilson

Holly Brown thought that moving from New York to a small farm would be enough adventure. But when Holly purchased the farm, she got much more than she bargained for, including an array of farm animals and two magical corgis.

After moving in to her new home, Holly began receiving urgent letters from someone named Christopher Heatcott with an eerily similar address. Annoyed by the constant mail, Holly sets out with her two corgis to find the mysterious residence and deliver the letters.

Upon her travels, Holly stumbles across a magical place called The Lands. Once there, she must find Christopher Heathcott and save him from impending doom.

Author Susanne Wilson lives with her family on a small farm in Ontario. Wilson's farm is home to nine corgis (including Butler and Matilda), eighteen horses, a slew of chickens and rabbits, and a donkey named Jed.



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