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planet, space travel, gay youth, suicide, robotics, Fulani, lectics, free will, Hurrian, luti, Sharia, Secwepemc, self-fulfilling prophecy, epistemology, Christianity, half-colours

This Moonless Sky
by Mark Rogerson

My brief life on Earth had been a mess. The metallic aliens had rescued me when I was trying to kill myself. But after a 400,000-year, deep-frozen move across space, and two years of relaxed student life on the moonless planet Vweialer, I was doing well. I wasn’t expecting any more surprises. Haha. Then the aliens returned, bearing a young man who was unusually interested in getting to know me. This was the beginning of an astonishing, epic journey into love and danger in lands where I might be enslaved, jailed, starved – or worshipped as a god. And through it all, I found humour and revelation – and drove ever deeper into the heart of what it means to be alien. If you decide to read my true story, I give you fair warning. You may become alien too. Seriously. Our famous author here said, “This moonless sky is the mind of someone else.” When you understand that line, it will never leave you.

This Moonless Sky is a compelling speculative fiction “non-fiction” novel replete with breathtakingly unpredictable plot twists, acute social observation, simmering eroticism and non-dogmatic spirituality. Mark Rogerson reveals himself to be bold, candid, and raw in his ruthless exploration of community, evolution, and communion in an extra-terrestrial setting. The result draws the reader into a visceral literary landscape while shamelessly challenging the audience’s comfort zone...

This Moonless Sky is an eloquent and bold work that trail-blazes spiritual, emotional, and extra-terrestrial landscapes with fervour and sensitivity. The author’s exceptional writing has resulted in an exciting novel that will captivate its audience. I offer my respect and congratulations to Mark Rogerson on his immense undertaking, and have every expectation that he will enjoy substantial and sustained success

- Jiibo Dyallo, Korabaas Jenerdei (daily newspaper)

At the time this book was published, the author was an advanced student in the lectics (philosophy of opportunity and choice) program at the University of Regntum, and a part-time assistant in the Initiative to Preserve the Earth Languages, English division. We don’t want to say more about him because that would give away the story. To those who live on other planets, he extends the greetings of the people of Diyyana, his home nation on planet Vweialer. He adds, “Set aside a few hundred thousand years and come visit our country, if your schedule allows – and if there are still humans here when you arrive. Just kidding.” Seriously, he regrets not being able to meet you personally, but there’s no way around the light-years of travel that would be involved.


Mark Rogerson

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