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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Juvenile fiction, Children’s book, Moral story, Humor, Animals, Friendship, Individuality

A Good Place to Live
Book One by Dawn Skinner

Sharon is moving and making a fresh start. She’s got a new job as a shrink, is buying a beautiful home, and hopes to settle right in and make some good friends. Will Hamtown be a good place to live? There’s just one tiny problem: Just about everyone seems a bit ... well ... dysfunctional! This place is chock-full of quirky characters. There’s kind and wise Grandpa George, ever-forgetful Winton, spunky and obsessive Foxy, crazy grandma Ericka, oh-so-dreamy Good Buddy John, and so many others. Sharon’s not quite sure how she’ll fit in, but one thing is for certain—she’ll have plenty of clients to help! A Good Place to Live, the first book in the Dysfunctional Piggies series, is a charming introduction to the one-of-a-kind world of Hamtown, where the residents are a little off kilter, but always manage to work together and are never short of surprises.

Dawn Skinner realized her passion for storytelling as a child. The differences in people and the humor that often accompanies these is her inspiration for the Dysfunctional Piggies series. Dawn hopes to empower children to embrace their own unique qualities and those of others, and to encourage them to show compassion and find humor in each other’s diverse personalities. Dawn enjoys spending time with her loved ones, and currently lives with her husband Jack in Alberta, Canada.


Dawn Skinner
Matthew M. West

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