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A Tale of Two Kitties
Taj and Bodhi
by John Ryan

This is an enchanting story about two majestic felines—always so proud and dignified. They appear to be brothers, but they aren’t. How they came to live with Helen, an artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is almost miraculous—a difference of a few moments, in both their cases, would have meant that Helen would have never gotten either of them and they would never be together. It was indeed through fairy tale serendipity and a truly last minute fortuitous course of events that these two marvellous kitties came to live with Helen.

As an artist, Helen has made room in her lifestyle to accommodate the needs and pleasures of her two feline companions. In turn, Taj and Bodhi have enriched Helen’s life and have brought her much happiness. In Helen’s home these two cats have been free to develop their unique personalities, and in the way Helen has freedom in her home, so do these two kitties.

At a time when the world is in such desperate need of happy stories, this is such a story . . . for the enjoyment of both adults and children.

John Ryan is a retired professor of geography and Senior Scholar at the University of Winnipeg where he taught for 32 years. He has a Ph.D. from McGill and taught a wide range of courses – his research and world interests took him on travels to over 50 countries.

His publications include many journal and Internet articles and chapters in books on geographic, economic and political affairs. His major books include one on the agricultural economy of Manitoba Hutterite colonies and one on the life story and art of his late wife Judith. He is also the co-author of a significant engineering study/report on the feasibility of using underwater cable in Lake Winnipeg for high-voltage electricity transmission. His interest in cats has resulted in additional books – this one about the cats of Helen Schreider and a companion publication, The Saga of the Three Compañeros -- Pantera, Leo and El Tigre.

John has always been fascinated by the wondrous nature of cats and how these miniature replicas of majestic jungle cats can be such soul-satisfying human companions. He just had to tell the world about Helen’s two cats and his own three lovable furry compañeros who currently share his life.


John Ryan

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