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  • That Dog Don't Hunt

    Tales from The Hunt Camp Porch by

    Jim Newman, a natural born story-teller, takes the reader through joyful and humorous stories about life at the hunt camp, hunting culture, and the joys of nature and wildlife. The stories are a mix of childhood memories, folklore, facts, fiction, ...

  • Fluff to Muff


    Fluff to Muff is a humorous adult picture book that follows Fluff, a cat who makes the life of his owner, Mother, rather difficult. From puking hairballs to rubbing his butt in her face to interrupting sex, Fluff’s behavior defies his innocent name ...

  • Mushy Mashed Bananas


    A cute little monkey has trouble trying to squish and squash all kinds of fruit. He does not peel and eat bananas like other monkeys but instead likes to squish and squash his bananas. He has so much fun eating mushy mashed bananas in his pyjamas!

  • Magno the Magnificent

    Musings on Humanity in Times of Crisis by

    Magno the Magnificent has never known life outside of quarantine, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying every second! This is the whimsical story of a charming, mischievous, and playful English bulldog and his human family. Magno the Magnificent ...

  • A Cat Named Birdy


    A Cat Named Birdy consists of a large number of short, warm-hearted poems that express delight and wonderment at the antics of a cat named Birdy. A Cat Named Birdy has two protagonists: his former budgie, Berty (2010- 2012) and his present humane ...

  • There's a Rat in This City

    a sequel to RAT by

    Are you up for a hairy ride and some chuckles on the side? Rat and Mouse (characters from my book entitled RAT) face new adventures when they are booted out of their ideal summer home on a farm. They are forced into the city where they meet an ...

  • The Saga of the Three Compañeros Pantera, Leo and El Tigre


    This is a sensitively written enchanting story of three pussycats – a chronicle of the experiences of kittens growing and maturing into fully grown felines. As kittens, just a month old, they almost died a horrific death were it not for their ultra ...

  • A Tale of Two Kitties -- Taj and Bodhi


    This is an enchanting story about two majestic felines—always so proud and dignified. They appear to be brothers, but they aren’t. How they came to live with Helen, an artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is almost miraculous—a difference of a few ...

  • Diamonds in the Ruff


    “If you’re expecting a manual on how to raise the perfect well-adjusted pack member, may I refer you to anything by Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, because - believe me - this isn’t it!” And with that confession, Johnson embarks on a hilarious ...

  • Retrieval


    This whole thing about dogs don’t live all that long, but we know to cherish the time we have with them anyway... Wait a second. This is about a trial lawyer. If he can get his way to dog heaven, there is no doubt he will convince them to return ...