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Spirituality, Christianity, Redemption, Grief, Loss, Overcoming, Healing

by M. Grace Kelly

At the tender age of ten, M. Grace Kelly was compelled to nurture her innate love of writing, and soon discovered that she had an undeniable gift for expressing herself through poetry. As she cultivated this talent over time, her insights and meditations touched the hearts and minds of her growing audience.

Exploring profound themes such as the complexity of relationships, the transcendence of spirituality, and the intimacy of romance, her written thoughts have uniquely captured the elusive nature of deep-seated emotions and brokenness with startling authenticity.

Throughout the years, her in-depth articulation of life and its bearing on those who experience its challenges has matured as it has grown in depth and breadth. Her desire is to positively impact people from all walks of life by using the power of words to impart hope to the hurting and the lonely, thus directing her audience toward the ultimate path of healing.

M. Grace Kelly has a unique gift for rallying the spirit of people. Her poetry has the ability to reach the depths of a hurting heart, to inspire change and bring about healing. She is medicine to a troubled heart and a true champion of people. Her words bring about restoration, rejuvenation, and empowerment.

Jonathan Mitchell

M. Grace Kelly is a very detailed oriented person. She relates effortlessly well to the public at large and takes the time to approach things systematically and gracefully as her name implies. Her work is always tastefully done and as a result, engenders the praise and commendation of others.

At the young age of 10, Grace discovered her unique gifting of poetic writing. Her thoughts and meditation soon embraced the hearts of those who were fortunate to be privy to her work. Grace’s poetry mostly explores relationships and romance. The thoughts expressed also expose the deep-seated emotion of brokenness.

Over the years, her in-depth articulation of life and its bearing on those who experience it, have only increased. As a result, her desire is for people at large to benefit, not only from this unique assessment of life but also from her directing her readers and listeners to the path of healing!

M. Grace Kelly is definitely on the cutting edge with this distinctive approach for the hurting and the lonely. These selected collections of poetry unarguably address sensitive issues of the heart, and come highly recommended!

By Apostle Sandra Mitchell

M. Grace Kelly was born and reared in the British West Indies. She began writing poetry at the early age of 10 years old and continued on over the years. Grace migrated to the Unites States where she has resided since and sustained her career in Finance. Prior to Auditing, Grace worked with some of the nation’s largest creditors to establish and execute repayment programs to benefit consumers nationwide. An extraordinary conference speaker, Grace speaks on the subject of finance and money management in local schools, Consumer Affairs and women’s groups including conducting workshops to educate others. Grace is a mother of a beautiful daughter whom she describes as the periphery of her life. A genuine lover of people, Grace has a burden and compassion for the homeless.

Aside from writing, Grace loves to design and decorate and to garden. Grace is a world traveler and takes her message of hope to the hurting, through speaking engagements and now via her book, Unforsaken.


M. Grace Kelly

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