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Romania, family, history, genealogy, past, secrets

Mysterious Places
Memoir. Journey. Quest.
by Jeffrey Gorney

In this richly told narrative, an American writer travels to Romania in search of long-lost relatives. His quest sheds light on other lives in other times and places, and forgotten yet chilling aspects of World War II. More than memoir, with photos and recipes, this book probes the many threads of a family destiny, and it reveals how event and migration shape future generations, and family stories can even lead to self-discovery.

“I found Jeffrey Gorney’s book particularly moving. As a Romanian-American I share the same sense of wonderment and fascination as Gorney about our ancestral home. I envy Gorney the oral tradition passed on to him by his grandparents. While my grandparents were just as Romanian they were either ignorant of their lineage or perhaps even reluctant to share it. For those of us who hunger for that connection, this book is a perfect remedy. Enjoy!”

—Mark Gitenstein, US Ambassador to Romania, 2009-12

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Jeffrey Gorney is author of Syracuse University: an Architectural Guide. His articles and photographs have appeared in the Syracuse Post-Standard, Encyclopedia of New York State, and HBO Guides. Abridging books for audio his titles include Pillars of the Earth and Les Miserables. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.


Jeffrey Gorney

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