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Nature-environment, Earth, Sacredness, Water, Forest, Animals, Spirit-tree, Family, Multicultural, Hidden, Connectedness, Spiritual-awakening, Stewardship, Art-healing-power, Beauty, Rite-of-passage, Dream-time-quest, Vision-dreams, Mindfulness-adventure, Magical

Pau Pua and the Watering Hole
by Merle Wolford & Karen Harvey

Pau Pua and his grandfather are on a great journey—they are travelling through the enchanted forest to a Spirit Tree Gathering. Fast asleep under a Great Tree, Pau Pua has many visitors in the nighttime: spirit-animals speak for those who can no longer come to the Watering Hole, and for those yet to appear. As morning dawns, Pau Pua brims with a magical light from within himself, and embarks on his life quest: to keep World Earth a sacred place for all life.

Pau Pua and the Watering Hole is a heartwarming and inspirational tale for people of all cultures and ages.

“I enjoyed reading Pua and the Watering Hole immensely. As a librarian and purchaser of children’s books I was delighted by the multicultural aspect of the tale and the underlying message of caring for the environment. It is an adventurous quest that appeals to children with wonderful illustrations that are both colorful and eye-catching. I love the warm family moments in the story between Pau Pua and his grandparents. The use of hidden animals are also sure to appeal to children and adults alike. Highly recommended”.

~Nicole Overbeck, Wautoma Public Library, Director

I offer my congratulations for an exciting, important, and beautiful vision brought to reality. Your work will be the catalyst for young people to explore their own spirituality through art an community, and will inspire them towards mindfulness of their surroundings, as well as care for Mother Earth.

~ Renée Layberry, Freelance Editor

“Pau Pua and the Watering Hole intelligent, joyful, inspirational tale that I will read over and over again to my grand-kids...a marvelous journey and dream time adventure. It is not only fun reading but also full of the ‘magic’ and beauty of the ‘real’ world”.

~Gary Garriott, PhD.

Merle Wolford & Karen Harvey photo

Merle Van Dyke Wolford/Eagle Bear (1931-2007) was a gifted artist, writer, storyteller and psychotherapist. She was a beloved Grandmother and friend to the Earth and her children. As a friend, mystic-healer, mentor, and workshop speaker/host, Merle was a joyous inspiration to many. Her humor, curiosity and love of nature were cultivated at an early age in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, USA. Merle Wolford was born of Native American Cherokee and Dutch ancestry. Her father worked in the mines as company electrician.

Karen Harvey was born in Wisconsin USA, 1947, is an artist, singersongwriter/ musical-composer, and writer/ educator. Karen was Merle Wolford’s studio companion and scribe. She completed and illustrated Wolford’s children’s book, Pau Pua and the Watering Hole and has begun formatting and illustrating Merle Wolford’s assorted manuscripts, including her collection of children’s stories. Much of Karen Harvey’s creative work came out of her work in ecology and the support of Native rights in Wisconsin. A ‘spring’ of music, sculpture, photographs, and writing rose out of her love of the natural world, and her desire to help protect the beauty and fertility of the Earth. Karen’s sculpture and water photo-series, Spirit Forms of an Island, have been exhibited in various Wisconsin galleries and museums. She continues to work at Wolford & Harvey Studios, near her Wisconsin family. In 2013 K. Harvey launched Musart Project LLC, as an online fundraising venture for the promotion of Peace, Prosperity and Wellbeing. The online, project features Merle Wolford’s and Karen Harvey’s writings, art, and music as well as children’s art and healthful products. Sales proceeds go to help support the arts, education, and environmental/humanitarian causes.


Merle Wolford & Karen Harvey

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