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WAC History, Military Women, Rape, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma, Post-Vietnam War, Recovery

Conduct Unbecoming
Rape, Torture, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Commanders by Diane Chamberlain

It is not just in recent years newspapers have carried headlines of those dishonoring the uniform by raping innocent civilians, fellow students at Academies, trainees, or fellow service members. Savage beatings, sodomy, rape, cruelty, mistreatment, and murder are just part of the headlines that reach all the way up to the top commanding officers and generals. When these heinous crimes are tolerated, unity and the very integrity of the services suffer. This historical account, Conduct Unbecoming, along with this author’s own history will awaken a sleeping nation to how its women have continued to suffer in the Armed services.

Follow this author through her expose of rape, torture, and corruption by her own military commanders, to her struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the “Kabuki dance” with the adversarial veterans administration of denials, cruelty, and retraumatization. She courageously fought evil and prevailed!

A military culture that perpetuates Conduct Unbecoming causes a disconnect from the military’s mission and those who would serve honorably. Allowing moral turpitude to go underground to the extent that it has, adversely affects good order and discipline and brings dishonor on the military organizations these men serve.This author refuses to be silenced for behavior that has continued nearly four decades unabated!

I can’t believe it! You have put in words something I feel!-Army

I went through exactly the same thing, your poem about the doctor in Basic told my story!I thought it was just me!-Air Force

I felt your pain, because it was my pain!-Army

You had my interest from the first chapter!-Minister

The chapter on PTSD and recovery was helpful to me because it named what was wrong and told me what to do about it even though my trauma came from my childhood.- Vietnam male Navy veteran

So many of our women need this information to know they are not alone.-physician

We have been waiting for this book for years and now it is finally here!- psychotherapist

This book will help so many vets-psychiatrist

Diane Chamberlain is the maiden name of the author, but in her academic tenure she graduated with honors in Psychology. She was a Licensed Mental Health Professional and Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor for 15 years. A director of a Nationally recognized inpatient program, she was recognized internationally for the program she developed for families. A member of Phi Theta Kappa and the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. Her research was copyrighted in the field of families. She has been honored with Professional of the Year and Mental Heath Professional of the Year by her Peers. She taught as an adjunct Professor in Psychopathology and Addictions and Intervention to graduate and undergraduate students in psychology and criminal justice. She was listed in Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Who’s Who in American Women in Business, and Strathmore’s Who’s Who. She worked 20 years with active duty, retired and their families in various counseling milieu’s. She was in an association with counselors and psychiatrists over 10 years in private practice and worked as a military contractor for the Army as a behavioral psychologist.

Diane is currently a retired psychotherapist. She writes and spends time with her family, her husband of thirty-four years, two grandsons and extended family. She is a fierce advocate for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from combat or rape.


Diane Chamberlain

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