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mental health, mental health recovery, attempted suicide, suicidal ideation, depression, divorce, loss of a loved one

From Splintered Soul
by Scott McBride

Scott McBride’s struggle with depression, anxiety and grief forced him to acknowledge the illogical, seemingly insurmountable abyss of mental illness, through writing poetry. The poems are raw, visceral illuminations of Despair and Struggle. Rare gems of dark humour are interspersed with self-destruction. These smiles, and even occasional bouts of silliness, create a momentum of hope for eventual Redemption. The author’s path to that healing port is a long and precarious one. Yet, by revealing his breathtaking courage and vulnerability. Scott McBride’s literary endeavour acts as the sail to whisk him towards this destination.

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Scott McBride is a father of 3 and a respected Educator living in Ontario, Canada. The author enjoys painting, sports cars with a manual gearbox, and playing an awesome blues guitar.


Scott McBride

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