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PTSD Self Help
Transforming Survival into a Life Worth Living
by A. E. Huppert

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn’t have to be a lifetime sentence . . . mere survival is optional.

Have you:

• Lost someone you know to suicide, war, or natural disaster?

• Experienced something you just can’t ‘get over’?

• Tried counseling, talk therapy or support groups without success?

Need help:

• Explaining PTSD to others?

• Getting your spouse/family on board?

• Understanding what’s happening & why?

For the first time, A.E. Huppert, co-founder of 343 Soulutions, reveals details about why she struggled for 30 years as a PTSD survivor, the three years it took to find freedom, and what it’s like to savor living 100% symptom free for almost nine years. She’s helped hundreds of people discover their passion and change their lives through her life coaching business. Today, she brings it all together to help you find a personal pathway to healing PTSD. Now, it’s your turn.

Is it possible to walk away from PTSD forever? The answer just might surprise you. PTSD Self Help: Transforming Survival into a Life Worth Living is an entirely new approach, a life-changing “wellness system” that will guide you through:

• Workable, empowering tools

• How to hire a counselor

• Easy-to-follow suggestions

• Practical activities for healing

• An Emergency Plan of Action

• How to create a Healing Team

• Low/no cost DIY alternatives

• And so much more!

PTSD Self Help: Transforming Survival into a Life Worth Living is a revolutionary approach to building mental health and a powerful program for self-discovery as well. Here is a unique guidebook designed to take you from suffering skeptic to enlightened champion by fully integrating these life-changing lessons. You’ll find insider tips, practical do-it-yourself exercises, behind-the-diagnosis explanations and a narrative account of the author’s own personal transformative experience.

However, the lessons here are not just about healing from PTSD - they are about becoming fearless, demonstrating what it means to be an enlightened survivor, and living an examined life with confidence. Whether your goal is complete healing from PTSD or understanding how it impacts someone you care about, there’s never been a better time to achieve wholeness. Would you like to know the secrets to walking away from PTSD forever? Let PTSD Self Help: Transforming Survival into a Life Worth Living show you the way.

Change only occurs when the pain of who we are, becomes greater than the pain of becoming who we need to be.

100% of the time the change I saw was a shift in my perspective, how I was thinking about symptoms, and the story I was telling myself about how child sexual abuse was limiting me.

A. E. Huppert photo

A. E. Huppert (Annmarie Esther Huppert) is an advocate for survivors struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), author of non-fiction articles and books on transformational healing, cofounder of 343 Soulutions, and visionary of The Center for Hope & Renewal – an experiential learning facility designed to empower people with a holistic approach to emotional healing.

Annmarie’s practical, self-help perspective comes not only from 20 years studying PTSD, its therapies, and obstacles to healing, but also from being a recovered survivor. She partners with health care professionals, government officials and everyday people to provide PTSD education and healing as a motivational speaker, consultant, and strengths-focused healing coach. With an emphasis on securing citizens’ equal access to accurate PTSD diagnoses and quality recovery options, Annmarie works collaboratively with legislative officials and public policy makers as a voice for those struggling with PTSD – veterans and non-veterans alike.

Annmarie passionately delivers relief and a reason for hope through her writing found on blogs, websites and in-print media. Directed at survivors and their families, Annmarie delivers relevant, practical how-to information. As a professional outside government administration, she is respected and trusted by veterans for giving real world guidance in developing a workable healing plan. Specializing in low/no cost alternative methods, Annmarie’s natural healing advice brings proactive transformation and enlightenment to all health conscious readers.

Annmarie’s unique and effective approach for educating survivors and their families about PTSD, empowers them to initiate an individualized plan for healing. Her foundational methods incorporate concepts such as making a life style change and embracing a proactive, holistic approach that includes body, mind and spirit. A supporter of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), she acknowledges the ability of animals to assist humans in the healing process and promotes best practices that protect both. Annmarie has coined the terms healing partner, healing plan, and healing team in connection with her work.

Annmarie holds a B.A. in Psychology/Public Policy and specializes in recovery from childhood sexual abuse. She practices many of the life style changes she recommends but loves yoga, being in her garden and hanging out with Friesian horses best. Annmarie lives on Puget Sound in beautiful Gig Harbor, Washington with her spouse and two pugs.


A. E. Huppert

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