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Honduras, Trujillo, Journey, Travel, Moving Abroad, Adventure, Cooking,

A Million Mosquito Bites
Notes from Honduras
by H.E. Christoff

If you have ever considered packing it all up and moving someplace tropical this book offers a glimpse of one woman’s move from Canada to a remote town in Honduras. Hilda shares her personal journal of maddening, often humourous daily life. This book shares her challenges, cooking, gardening and learning to live in a new country along with the self discovery that comes from her journey.

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Hilda is a passionate cook, baker and gardener. She is happiest at home with her husband Peter of 25 years and their dog Lulu. As the author of cooking blog Hilda brings her humour and childhood experiences growing up in the east end of Toronto to everything she writes. Life is wonderful, painful, frustrating and often ridiculously funny, but there is always something to learn and discover.


H.E. Christoff

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