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Bullying, Canada / Canadiana, Coming of age, Goon(s), Hockey, Hockey Fights, Hockey Groupies

Love and Fury
by Sal Reevers

The bush league scouts thought Barnaby could develop into a professional enforcer. His father liked the idea of his son punching his way to big bucks in the NHL and sent him to apprentice in a faraway city. There Barnaby’s coach wanted him to do nothing but fight. His landlady wanted him in bed—and so did the hockey groupies who waited for him in the parking lot. Barnaby was caught in a web of sex and violence, and knew that he was a goon. He hated his job. In a fury one night he pounded an opponent into oblivion and was devastated by remorse.

"I think the thing you always got to keep in mind, you know, hockey is a game of one-on-one battles."

Mark Messier.

Prior to Love and Fury, Sal Reevers has written seven novels, a stageplay, a book of poetry, and numerous short stories. Other works of Reevers’ include Rivers and Roads and The David Thorburn Series.


Sal Reevers

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