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  • The Call

    To Major League Baseball by

    Young baseball players dream of one thing: to get the call up to the Majors. When, as a fan, five year old Hunter Austin experiences his first professional baseball game, he proclaims to the folks in the bleachers that, one day, he’ll get The Call, ...

  • The Madness of March

    A Love Story by

    Paul Tanner and Nicky Newman were two of the most highly recruited Point Guards in the country for Basketball. New Coach at the U Bob Barrows built his whole program around them. Everything was going fine and the team was on track to become one of ...

  • Rush: Part One

    A Novel by

    It’s springtime in Monaco, and Valentina Romana is ready for Formula One glory. Since childhood, Valentina’s life has revolved around racing. This is her moment. There’s only one problem: no one will give her a shot, simply because she is a woman. ...

  • The Green Owls


    When twelve-year-old Dusty decides to shave his head and become a “Skinhead”, his mother actually approves of his new look. But it’s 1971 in Leeds, England, and the Skinhead movement is not yet one of white supremacy as it is today. For Dusty, who ...

  • The Turnstile


    The ticket was washed out, as if it had been left out in the sun for months. Below the $12.50 admission price were the words in bold capitals over a faded red, white, and blue design: WORLD SERIES 1975, GAME 6, FENWAY PARK, BOSTON. With my ticket ...

  • Changeup


    Mitch Thompson and John “Lightning” Williams are small town Wisconsin boys with dreams of making it to the Major Leagues. Two friends with the drive, passion and skills required to afford them a legitimate shot, they are fierce competitors cut from ...

  • The Infield Fly Rule


    The Infield Fly Rule follows a spirited group of New England teen age baseball players through a baseball season. They roam from town to town in their eccentric coach's converted bus, from ball field to ball field chasing the American sports dream, ...

  • Love and Fury


    The bush league scouts thought Barnaby could develop into a professional enforcer. His father liked the idea of his son punching his way to big bucks in the NHL and sent him to apprentice in a faraway city. There Barnaby’s coach wanted him to do ...