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sleep training, infant sleep, child sleep, sleep problems, night waking, sleep terrors, sleep deprivation

How to get your child to go to sleep and stay asleep
A practical guide for parents to sleep train young children
by Dr. Kirsten Wirth

Dr. Wirth provides parents and practitioners with an easy to use, step-by-step guide, on how to do sleep training with young children. This manual includes the procedures that are proven most effective to decrease bedtime and night waking problems. Each section on the various sleep strategies provide a how-to plan for each sleep procedure, pros and cons of using each procedure, what to expect from children with each procedure, and frequently asked questions. Also, the manual teaches readers how to measure children’s sleep habits and determine how well the chosen sleep strategy is working. Datasheets and quick reference guide flowcharts are provided as templates for readers to use easily. Throughout the manual Dr. Wirth addresses common problems with anecdotes and examples from her own life as a parent utilizing the strategies in the manual, as well as her clinical work.

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Dr. Kirsten Wirth has a PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis (Psychology) from the University of Manitoba. She is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Applied Behavior Analysis area within the Psychology Department at the University of Manitoba (, the Clinical Coordinator for the Autism School-Age Learning Program and Capacity Building & Training at St.Amant (, and the Past President and Founder of the Manitoba Association for Behavior Analysis ( She is also the mother of two children. Through her clinical work and experience with her own children, she has developed a passion for topics related to sleep. Her own experience led to the development of this book and a blog ( to help other parents use successful research-based strategies with their children.


Dr. Kirsten Wirth

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