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Dramatically Zen
A Guidebook to Living Your Best Life by Angela Urquhart

It often takes an event beyond our control to take a step back from our lives and re-evaluate.

When her world collapsed around her, Angela, a wedding planner in her mid-twenties, decided to take back control of her life and set off on a journey filled with facing fears, accepting extreme challenges and realizing dreams.

And it started with a bottle of wine and a one-way ticket to Thailand.

With no game plan, absolutely zero backpacking skills, and armed only with an open mind and a loving heart, Angela launched on her journey of healing. Amidst the exotic lands of Thailand, Bali and Australia, she found her wildly funny and dramatic experiences beautifully juxtaposed with powerful moments of clarity, peace, happiness, and meaningful life lessons.

Angela shares her encounters, making suggestions about how you can make your day-to-day a little happier and how you can realize your own blissful journey. From letting go of fear, to working your inner diva, to finding your totem of strength, to practicing meditation and yoga, Angela offers attainable methods to achieve your goals and live your best life.

Life consistently throws us twists, roadblocks, confusion, and randomness. Through her inspiring travels, Angela embraced this inevitable pattern and allowed the Zen to naturally follow. She dramatically leapt into her greatness, and so can you.

Dramatically Zen – it’s not just a book, it’s a lifestyle.

“Straightforward, friendly, relatable, inspiring”

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Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing people follow their dreams—taking risks for the sake of happiness, aiming for that previously “unreachable” goal, or even setting out on that travel adventure that has been brewing for years.

Something magical happens the moment people let go of their self-limiting beliefs and start following their passions and their heart. A new and stunning energy surrounds them and they glow.

When I took off on my journey overseas, I finally ignited that gorgeous glow.

Since then, I haven’t stopped aiming for greatness and striving to be my most authentic and best self. When I stayed true to my core desires, took action, and danced with the drama that crept its way in, magic seamlessly followed. My time in Thailand, Australia, and Bali served as my catalyst for change – to the life I’d always hoped for.

Pretty awesome stuff followed: I became a yoga teacher, met the man of my dreams, embarked on epic trips to central America and Europe, became an entrepreneur with my own events company planning fabulous, inventive, and inspired events, won a 40-Under-40 Award, wrote a book (yeah!), live a very nice life in Niagara’s wine country, and I continue to proudly live the best version of myself. Whenever I applied the life lessons I showcase throughout my book, I tap into my creativity, my peace, and my joy.

And you can do this too.

Live your inspiration my friends.

Xo, Ang


Angela Urquhart
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