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The Wine Writer
Bold Highlights Ambrosial Undercurrents
by John Murlowe

Murlowe takes us to the hidden Andonnay Valley in search of an exquisite Prndl, stopping here and there along the way…

Eventually, he became known as mono-oenologic and, one by one, his friends drifted away and didn’t see much of him.

Bubbles! It needed bubbles!

If you make a poor wine investment, decanting is a way to shrink your loss. Know what wine goes well with breakfast? Here’s a tip: there are many.

Researchers have discovered that two glasses of wine make you 25 % more attractive.

…The bubbles go up your nose provoking laughter, a tonic of

no small importance.

“…Some of the most entertaining work I’ve ever read on wine. The language is lively, and the tone is engaging. I’m a little in love - and ready to do some empirical research!”

—Danielle Voirol

"If I hadn’t read it myself I don’t know what would have happened."

O Wine ...

Art Thou the muse?

The ruse?

The tart?

The plaything?

—Gilles St.Lydian-Font

John Murlowe is a writer for the "Hidden Wine Region Review." Reviewing wines is not only a pastime for John, but a passion. He throws himself into his work and will travel to any destination to sample and review wines for the "Review." You can challenge him with just about any vineyard location from the Arctic to the Seven Seas and he'll be ready to pack and go. At times perplexing and at times entertaining, he is always enamouring. John first met wine at an early age and learned the value of his education. In his reviews he keeps wines in their true perspective and under strict control. Having previously dabbled in freelance reviews for fruit juices, musts, bières and cakes, John has tuned his special talents to the heart of wines and unknown wine regions, and introduces us to fine wine makers, outstanding wine samplers and the special people who wait for wine. Keeping readers à la page on the noble elixir is his purpose and pleasure. We can expect more from his pen as he plans further explorations into the lives of men and women brought together by a love of and desire for the elixir bequeathed to us by nature. John lives on a island in the Pacific.


John Murlowe

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