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  • Tales, Topics, Trivia and Travel


    Part fiction, part memoir, this comprehensive collection of short works showcases decades of writing by Lynn Gold. Comprising over two hundred individual pieces, Tales, Topics, Trivia, and Travel is wide-ranging, touching on topics such as marriage, ...

  • The Fuller Picture

    Cam Fuller Looks at Life by

    Sprinting into the grocery story at closing time because your kids need greencoloured snacks for school in the morning. Realizing that when your partner asks if that’s the outfit you’re planning to wear, you’ve planned wrong and will have to change. ...

  • Life's Little Stories and The Colored Glasses


    Prepare yourself to have fun! Yes, fun. Life's Little Stories and The Colored Glasses is a whimsical combination of people wearing Tommy Papantonio's collection of colored glasses from the dollare store and short stories he wrote from experiences he ...

  • A Braided Cord


    This book describes life long learning expressed often as allegory or metaphor, but derived from life long events. The braided cord reflects the union of body, mind and soul, but because I am a surgeon, the body is topmost in my mind and my book. My ...

  • The Wine Writer

    Bold Highlights Ambrosial Undercurrents by

    Murlowe takes us to the hidden Andonnay Valley in search of an exquisite Prndl, stopping here and there along the way… Eventually, he became known as mono-oenologic and, one by one, his friends drifted away and didn’t see much of him. Bubbles! It ...

  • 3 or 4 Years an Indian


    A little story about one girl’s attempt to claim her heritage, and the maneuvering by the Canadian government to discredit that heritage. This book contains a “gift of words” for Toronto, with views on substance abuse presented in the spirit of a ...

  • Social Studies

    Collected Essays, 1974-2013 by

    Just let me turn down that armadillo steak I'm cooking for dinner; then I'll be right with you. Such an easy recipe. You should try it. You just soak your 'dillo meat in a pint of bourbon in which you've been soaking a cup of cactus needles ...