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Powers, clues, search, seeker, the chosen, aliens, gods

The Great Treasure Hunt
A Fantasy Adventure
by J.C. Hoadley

An amazing adventure for three friends racing around the world searching for a great treasure. With time running out, danger, mystery, puzzles, romance, and humour keep this story moving at a furious pace.

Pete, Bob, and April work together to solve the mystery while many obstacles stand in their way including other “Seekers” striving to find the treasure before them. As they discover new clues, a mysterious god-like being named Zed rewards them with amazing powers to help them in their hunt.

Full of many interesting and intriguing oddities about humanity and our world, this book will be hard to put down. People of all ages should enjoy the journey.

J.C. Hoadley lives in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada with his childhood sweetheart Cynthia, their two dogs and a big old Maine coon cat. With a combined seven children and ten grandchildren, life is rich and rewarding. Through a long and interesting life, J.C. has been involved in many different sports as an athlete and a coach. He has been an actor and performer and has always been a storyteller and a humorist. He enjoys reading, travel, golf, fishing and movies. Having interest in the performing arts, he now works full time in the film industry, although semi-retirement and writing fiction and non-fiction are taking over.


J.C. Hoadley
Judy Hilgemann

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