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mystery, adventure, searching, group think, monuments, cults and crime

High Places
A Parable
by Rosemary L. Schwanke

Ken is a young man searching for meaning in his life. He goes to the small town of Wonder where he encounters strange people involved in unusual activities mostly in and around mountains. He can’t seem to get away from them, wherever he lives. He also finds kind and supportive people along his journey. As his search for meaning becomes more intense he travels to several places and monuments of historical interest in the world. When he finally finishes his travels he comes to an important conclusion about what is the real meaning of life.

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Rosemary is a writer who has a background as an educator and as a counsellor. Her husband is her greatest supporter. She enjoys her two cats, Rowan and Bryn, the outdoors, gardening, drawing, researching, photography and cooking. Assisting people to understand about eternal truths is a focus in her life. She believes people need hope.


Rosemary L. Schwanke

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