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Winning the One Man (or Woman) Show
Owning a Jobness and retiring early!
by Kelley T Kemp

Countless numbers of people dive into the world of self-employment only to discover that they own a job. A few of these brave (or crazy) people grasp the concept of working for retirement, maximizing the best clients and delivering above average performance in their field of skills and passion. If you are wanting to master small business without adding staff, growing an empire and mortgaging the house, then this is a book you need to devour. Sometimes staying small and understanding that you own a job can be better than trying to build an empire!

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Kelley has always wanted to master a small business but tried by “winging it”. Like so many small business owners, he fell into the delusion of “if you build it, they will come”. Several years later he discovered that indeed they will come, however, they will not stay unless you provide them with a motivation to remain loyal. Kelley eventually discovered that the secret for most small business owners is not in building the next IBM or Apple but in doing a really good job, charging a premium price and living frugally while pumping money into wise investments until one day your investments make more than your “Jobness” . He has owned several small businesses and coached a number of upcoming entrepreneurs. He believes that you can jump to the head of the line if you are willing to put your ego in the back seat and be honest with you!


Kelley T Kemp

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