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  • No Night Is Dark


    15-year-old Ora Abelson has no idea that her sister Noa's birthday party would be the last time her family and friends in Germany would be together. Early the next morning, her father tells her that they must leave their home to escape the ...

  • Blades Against the Dark


    Lyria is a peaceful volcanic island nation off the coast of East Africa. Peaceful, that is, until a power-hungry general stages a military coup and takes over, quelling all opposition. Robyn's father, the Fencing Master, is wounded and imprisoned. ...

  • Luggage


    Teenaged K.C. has stared into the eyes of death. With a crazy and dangerous protective instinct, he will do anything to keep his loved ones safe, including taking a bullet for them. Somehow, K.C. always seems to find himself in dreadful and ...