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  • The Ghost of 5 Mile Creek


    For fifteen-year-old JB, life couldn’t get much worse. He’s been grounded for six months after making a huge mistake that’s ruined his reputation, and now his life consists of going to school and coming straight home: no more basketball games or ...

  • Four Play

    Book One by

    The racist and AntiSemitic tentacles of the Ku Klux Klan penetrate the teen community of Houston, Texas in the 1960s. Four high school friends are victims of student violence and the harsh treatment of their sinister assistant principal. Accepting ...

  • Banded Together


    It’s summer 1999 and the members of the Hamilton-Kellaher clan are on their way to Daybreak, their family cottage on Lake Pemichangan, Quebec. With his newly minted driver’s licence, sixteen-year-old Connor drives his step-sister, Francis, and their ...

  • A Sheltered Life


    It’s September 1998; the beginning of the school year. Fifteen-year-old Connor Munro is sitting on a bus, earphones on, listening to his favourite band when he’s swarmed by a gang of street kids and his beloved Walkman is stolen. Fast forward and ...

  • The Boy in Black


    “Living at the lake” is a boast in the minds of the populace surrounding the extravagant waterfront properties, a veritable blessing. Recently though, two different high schoolers have found themselves living at that very place, for much different ...