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ball room dancing, high school dance competitions, high school cliques, high school bullies, boy from ‘the other side of the tracks’, understanding class and privilege, high school blackmail

Stealing the Lead
by Ian Mitchell-Gill

Morgan’s dream is to graduate high school and attend an elite dance school. After winning one national championship, that goal seems within reach. But when her dance partner moves away, Morgan loses all hope. Where will she find someone tall enough, talented enough, and confident enough to help her defend her title and get her into her dream school?

Kyle seems like the answer to all Morgan’s problems—he’s a tall, smart, mixed-martial artist just trying to get the education he needs to escape poverty. But when tears and pleading won’t get Kyle on board, Morgan does the unthinkable. She blackmails him: he can be her new partner, or face expulsion. Talk about starting off on the wrong foot! Together, Morgan and Kyle navigate privilege, prejudice, homophobia, bullying, and a growing attraction to each other. But can Morgan turn Kyle into the dancer she needs? And can she ever make up for what she’s done while chasing the dream that means everything to her?

Author Ian Mitchell-Gill has worn many hats over the course of his life: lifeguard, athlete, martial artist, public speaker, salesman, musician, and bouncer. Now a school teacher, Ian says his students are often the inspiration for his writing. His many experiences and interests, coupled with extensive research, proved to be valuable background for the characters and the situations in the book. Ian lives in Oshawa, Ontario, with his wife and two daughters.


Ian Mitchell-Gill
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