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LGBTQ++, Neurodivergence, Superpowers, Coming-of-age, Friendship, Black History Month, Teenage struggles

by Jesse Lipscombe

Mason is anything but average. Being a mixed-race, non-binary, neurodivergent teenager with super-powers trying to navigate high school can be tough. Luckily, they find common ground with a motley crew of two new friends, and the three unlikely heroes embark on a mission of self-discovery and saving the world. First loves, addiction and mental health issues all come to the forefront as Mason uncovers the origins of humanity and the secrets deep within their own family.

Jesse Lipscombe is an actor, producer, writer and speaker based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Finding, telling and creating stories that represent underserved populations is at the heart of all of his work. He co-founded an antidiscrimination campaign, #MakeItAwkward, in 2016, which aims to create everyday activists through tough conversations. He also co-created a tabletop game called Not That Funny to uncover the damaging microaggressions present in our everyday language.


Jesse Lipscombe

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