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  • Acorns & Roots


    An indestructible object full of strong magic, tempting the darkest of souls. Rare rainbow roots that are sold for a high price in the city, offering a young man a way to pay rent as he faces eviction. The secret to taking down a corrupt and ...

  • The Lost Temple


    After fleeing Magnorium, the school for teenage Elementals, Alyssa, Amber, Zack, and Haven journey into the depths of the Amazon rainforest. It’s a race against time to defeat the Society – a group of evil Elementals working towards world ...

  • Ev'ry Flow'r Can Burn


    In panicked search of a magical herb to save her cancer-stricken sister, Emmi, 18, goes on a perilous quest and falls into a magical, underground kingdom. With the help of a handsome, young immortal named Scott, she begins to travel through this ...

  • Pretty Penny


    We all know about the genie, his lamp, and the three wishes. But what if the first three wishes didn’t quite work out, and you were given one more chance, one more wish? Pretty Penny tells the stories of seven people who are visited by a young girl ...

  • 3 Realms

    Realm of Dark and Light by

    Vex Aaron is just like everyone else his age—although everyone else his age doesn’t necessarily live normal lives. Instead of living on Earth, they live in what’s called a realm, thanks to an organization called TAIC. In Vex’s eyes, TAIC controls ...