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helping others, achieving dreams, Greek gods and immortals, adventure, friendship, teamwork, Toronto Ontario

Muses Inc.
by M.T. Cryan

MUSES INc is a highly imaginative story about helping people achieve their dreams. Set in present-day Toronto, we discover that most of the characters are Greek gods and goddesses. To harness the human energy they need to sustain themselves, the nine muses have formed an energy company, MUSES INc. The central character of the book, Kit Shepherd, is an immortal Greek Corybant and son of Thalia, one of the nine muses. Kit tries to help everyday humans reach their dreams, but the muses see his actions as interfering, and punish him. Not to be dissuaded, Kit seeks the help of friends, both immortal and human, to strive toward his goal while trying to stick it to the muses.

M.T. Cryan lives in Toronto and is a regular visitor and contributor to the Royal Ontario Museum. When not imagining and writing stories that surround the Museum's artifacts, M.T. Cryan, who is a bit of a rock hound, loves to go treasure hunting at the beach and through the vast interconnected ravines and gullies of Toronto with an adorable mini schnauzer named Millie.

It’s M.T. Cryan's quest to write stories that will provide, not just an enjoyable escape from daily life but a ladder to a better one. With “MUSES INc” the reader will find alternative answers to some of life’s universal questions. And the keen reader might just find a ladder!


M.T. Cryan

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