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  • Dragon Law


    On the first day of summer vacation, children Alex, Jared, and Madison find something more waiting for them at home than the normal freedom that comes with summer. A family friend has come for a visit, bringing presents with him as usual. They are ...

  • The Rose of Taraqyn

    Legends of Atheria by

    It is an oft-told story from days long past of the hero who saved Atheria from the armies of the evil god Anexith. But the powers of darkness are rising once more, and it’s up to three star-crossed heroes—Prince Kidash, the elven druid Asana, and ...

  • It's How We Survive

    The Tale of an American Dreamer by

    Twelve-year-old Lucia Sanchez has faced prejudice and challenges as an American Dreamer ever since she arrived in the United States at the age of five. Yet, with the help of a school friend and a wise and caring teacher, Lucia not only survives but ...

  • A Sheltered Life


    It’s September 1998; the beginning of the school year. Fifteen-year-old Connor Munro is sitting on a bus, earphones on, listening to his favourite band when he’s swarmed by a gang of street kids and his beloved Walkman is stolen. Fast forward and ...

  • Where Eagles Come From

    A One Hundred and Fifty-Year Old Mystery is Solved From Clues in the Attic Trunk by

    Where Eagles Come From is a fictional story but it is based on true life events of a young, African American girls’ life, in modern times. Masie is an only child who lives somewhat lonesome in southern California with her mother and father. Since ...

  • The Wandalyns


    Abandoned with her estranged grandmother for the entire summer, Dawn feels as though she has just been handed a life sentence. But the magic and mystery alive in the forest, surrounding her grandmother’s cabin, soon sends the teenage girl on an ...

  • Emma's Watch


    Have you ever done something completely reckless in your life? Rather, have you ever done something completely reckless out of love for someone else? Not romantic love, but rather pure unconditional love. Emma's Watch is the fictional story a ...

  • The Seadrop Pendant

    The Marinesia Trilogy: Book One by

    After moving from the big city of Toronto, Ontario, to the tiny village of Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Taryn Noble expected nothing except a long, boring summer ahead. But that was before she received a mysterious pendant for her 14th birthday. That ...

  • Mirror, Mirror


    When twin brothers Jett and Adam, and their best friend Mavis, go for a research trip to Costa Rica, they never thought they would uncover relics from a land that lays hidden within the hollows of a supernatural chasm. Forbidden explorations land ...