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  • Dagger of Urachadh

    Attack from the Underworld by

    “Take me far, far away, Faster than a wink of an eye I pray, To the land where the Darach roam, To the land of the magical stones, To the Peoples of the mountain, Forest, bog, hill, and river, Great Everything bring me thither.” A young ...

  • Waves of Light


    The blood of the Tuatha de Dannan tribe flows through the young Irish princess, Isolde, who believes in the Old Ways. Isolde honours earth, air, wind, and fire and worships the Mother Goddess, Danu, who breathed life into the Isle of Eire. But just ...

  • Red


    Red is a page-turning historical fantasy that invokes the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood and the horror of the Brothers Grimm. The year is 1891; the place, Bezidu Nou, Romania. For four hundred years, the townsfolk have been telling the tale of ...

  • Waves of Darkness


    In a Medieval Ireland pulled between tradition and change, ancient faiths and the New Religion, otherworldly magic and treacherous human politics, young Princess Isolde of Dunlace, yearns for freedom from a castle that has come to feel like a ...

  • Mothman's Vengeance


    Every year since 2002, over the third weekend of September, the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia holds its Mothman Festival. But starting back in November 1966, locals reported dozens of disturbing sightings of a winged man near the Silver ...

  • The Headless Wolf


    This is a story of courage and kindness between two lost children and two desperate wolves. In 2016 a pair of wolves were discovered in a northern county of California. They probably wandered down from Canada. But who actually knows from where, ...

  • The Polish Cavalier


    With the help of special armor, a singing sword, and a magnificent horse, a 15 year old boy saves Poland from an invasion by 10,000 Mongol horsemen. In present day Poland a trumpeter appears every hour in a tower of St. Mary's Cathedral in Krakow ...

  • Valerie Valentine Visits Vincent Vampire


    Valerie shows up at Vincent’s home to talk about her magical vitamins. He gulps the vitamins without reading the warning label of side effects for humans and blood sucking vampires. The plot thickens. Maybe, Valerie should never have given Vincent ...