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  • On Constance


    In April 2013, Karin Konoval travelled by train to New Orleans for a four-month film shoot. While this story isn’t about the film, the fact that she was portraying an orangutan in it laid the path, in a unique way, for her personal journey beyond ...

  • Ohio River Road Trip

    Tracing the Country's Western Movement by

    In 2018, author and historian Randall P. Royka set out with his wife to retrace the westward movement of pioneers along the Ohio River after American Independence. Part history, part travelogue, Ohio River Road Trip shares on-the-ground experience ...

  • God's Big Coast


    Still waters run deep, and for one man, the draw of the sea’s deep waters would direct the course of his entire life―a life full to overflowing with humor, drama, kinship, and a pure and abiding faith that keeps him afloat even in the darkest of ...

  • Vegas Vendetta


    IT’S THE 1960S. War is raging in Southeast Asia, and the draft board is looming over every young man’s shoulder, but recent high school graduate Peter Castrillo has a plan; enroll in college for as long as it takes to get a student deferment…and ...

  • A Sense of Place

    An Almanac of Festivals in the Mohawk Valley by

    The Mohawk Valley of central New York State is celebrated in this original compilation. Ranging from the region’s precolonial indigenous settlements and its modern-day multiethnic communities and festivals, to the area’s distinct seasonal changes, ...