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Travelogue, American heartland, Ohio River, American pioneers, American history, American Civil War, Duvergier de Hauranne

Ohio River Road Trip
Tracing the Country's Western Movement
by Randall P. Royka

In 2018, author and historian Randall P. Royka set out with his wife to retrace the westward movement of pioneers along the Ohio River after American Independence. Part history, part travelogue, Ohio River Road Trip shares on-the-ground experience alongside historical context, told in engaging, readable prose.

Royka interweaves his modern-day trip with the memoirs of a nineteenth century Frenchman who covered much of the same ground, imagined as a whimsical conversation across the centuries. It is a wondrous book about the joy of discovery, the freedom in travel, and the lessons to be learned from those that have walked before us. Complete with travel itinerary and maps, this book will appeal to anyone interested in American history and travel in the American Heartland.

History and travel buff Randall P. Royka loves learning about the present by looking at the past. Randall’s early and lifelong interest in different people, places, and cultures has impacted his life in numerous ways. It motivated him to pursue two masters’ degrees in history; immerse himself in the French language and culture by living in both France and Quebec; travel throughout Eastern Europe; and, of course, embark on an exciting Ohio River road trip that, in turn, inspired him to write this book. Randall now lives in Saratoga Springs, New York, with Kathleen, his spouse, and one cat, aptly named Miss Miaou.


Randall P. Royka

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