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  • Stories From The Road

    My Years as a Long Haul Trucker by

    This book chronicles my thirty-plus years in the transportation industry. Starting as a taxi driver during a transit strike, to driving Long Combination Vehicles, measuring over 120 feet long, weighing over 130,000 lbs. My travels have taken me to ...

  • Insights from Inside

    An Officer's guide to CVSA Inspections, Truck Maintenance and Fleet Management by

    The laws governing commercial motor vehicles are not easy to understand and it can take hours wading through them to find anything. Passing inspection requires a roadmap to which one must commit faithful execution over time. Insights from Inside, ...

  • Driving the Line

    A Novel View of Trucking from the Left Seat by

    Since she was a young child, the beautiful Laura Halsey has wanted two things in life: to raise a family and to drive a truck like her father. Her father insists, “Women don’t drive trucks,” but she’s determined to prove him wrong — until he dies in ...

  • Slowing for the Rough Stuff

    Trucking in War-Torn Yugoslavia by

    The complexities of war are only truly known when you’ve experienced it. From 1992 to 1994, Jonathan Jones, an ex-serviceman of the Gloucestershire Regiment, found himself in the depths of chaos while providing humanitarian aid as a civilian truck ...

  • Advanced Fatigue Management

    Going Beyond The Gates of Micro Sleeps by

    Advanced Fatigue Management is a book about how to preset your mind so you can gain better control over the very human business of sleep. This book takes a particular focus on teaching this skill to drivers, for whom a strong handle on sleeping ...