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  • Cane Creek Days


    Cane Creek Days is the memoir of a boy growing up on a story-book farm near Petersburg, Tennessee, the kind of farming life that no longer exists. The story takes place among the fields and small towns and bridges and dusty roads through which winds ...

  • That Dog Don't Hunt

    Tales from The Hunt Camp Porch by

    Jim Newman, a natural born story-teller, takes the reader through joyful and humorous stories about life at the hunt camp, hunting culture, and the joys of nature and wildlife. The stories are a mix of childhood memories, folklore, facts, fiction, ...

  • Tales from the Trail

    Adventure Stories by

    A collection of non-fiction short stories, Tales from the Trail details Dawson Smith’s many hunting expeditions with hunting partner Bill Cash and others. Filled with close calls and lots of luck, these stories are cast upon the wild backdrop of ...

  • A Cowboy's Life

    Memories of a Western Cowboy in an Empire Of Grass by

    “Either the whisky goes or I go.” These words were uttered by the author’s great grandmother after a harrowing trip by riverboat and stagecoach to her new husband’s ranch on the raw frontier of British Columbia’s Cariboo country. This is a memoir ...

  • The Chief's Footsteps

    A Social and Natural History Based on the Life and Times of Roy Peck of Danford Lake, Québec by

    This book recounts the remarkable life of Roy Peck, a quintessential yet extraordinary Canadian. Born into an austere rural situation, he stuck by home and family through tough times and discovered the fun of living and the benefits of choosing ...

  • Voices from the Mackenzies

    A History of People who have worked in the Mackenzie Mountains Outfitting Industry. by

    Re-live the experiences of the people who traveled to the distant and untouched Mackenzie Mountains of Canada’s Northwest Territories. This raw, beautiful land was opened to outfitting in 1965, when intrepid entrepreneurs carried out exploratory ...

  • The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting

    A Comprehensive Guide to Using Your Riflescope on the Range and in the Field by

    The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting walks you through each step of the process on how to use your optical rifle scope to its maximum potential. A complete and comprehensive guide to using your rifle scope in the field or on the range. The ...

  • Hunting Justice


    Justice is truth. When a neighbor, Tim Bartin, is killed and another neighbor, Joe Miller, is charged with the shooting, Adair McGee is advised to let the judicial process work. The lack of official information about the case leads to the use of ...

  • A Life Outdoors

    Essays on Hunting, Gathering and Country Living in the 21st Century by

    The 21st Century is a time of profound and wrenching change. The phrase “stop the world, I want to get off” never seemed more appropriate. Robert Sopuck caught his first fish at age 4 in the presence of his father. That fish set off a lifetime of ...