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  • VisAble and Empowered

    Tara’s Top Tips for Living Freely, Fully, and On Purpose by

    Living with a disability or chronic illness can be extremely frustrating. In addition to the pain and symptoms you have to deal with there are the many barriers you face on a daily basis. Then when you try to get anything done to improve your life, ...

  • Preemie Voices

    Young men and women born very prematurely describe their lives, challenges and achievements by

    The birth of a very premature baby is a shock for parents. The immediate anxiety about whether their infant will survive quickly leads to concerns about their child’s future quality of life. In this inspiring and informative book, young people who ...

  • My Life in Institutions and My Way Out


    This is the story of Michael Kennedy's life. Born in 1960 with significant disabilities, he describes his early experiences living in three different institutions for the mentally retarded and how he had to become his own advocate if he was going ...