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  • Mr. Spinney and the Egg Shells

    and other Social Work stories by

    Thoughtful. Raw. Candid. These are Janet Knowles’s reflections on her career as a social worker (spoiler alert: it’s not like the movies). Whether you are working in the field yourself, a student, or simply exploring different career options, this ...

  • Torn Heartstrings


    As foster parents of 70 children over 12 years, we are sharing our personal experiences of the conditions and circumstances of why the children came into our care. Unless you’ve been a foster parent, I don’t believe anyone can really understand what ...

  • Moving on by Standing Still

    A Different View of ‘Problem Behavior’ by

    Is it true that people with developmental disabilities cannot communicate effectively? How can I understand the mindset of a person with dementia? Why is it good that children from difficult backgrounds sometimes hit out? If we do not make a ...