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  • Heroic Choices

    Break Through Fear, Realize Your Dreams and Transform Your Life by

    Do you ever find yourself wishing for a magic wand you could wave to transform your life? Do you yearn for personal growth, but find your demons always keep you from taking the first step? Personal change is possible for anyone who dares to embark ...

  • You're Probably Not Crazy

    A Book For Emotional Women, Written By an Emotional Woman by

    If you have ever felt like your emotions have no place in either your professional life or your personal one, you’re not alone. Janine Jeanson has been there, and she’s determined to educate readers so we can break the cycle of unhealthy emotional ...

  • Dealing With My Feelings

    An Essential Guide to a Child's Well Being & Prosperity by

    Naming a feeling takes away the fear of it. If we know what the feeling is, we can understand how to deal with it. Emotions are part of the human experience. They have an influence on how we interact with others, but we are not always taught how to ...

  • How to Feel Better Now

    Experience miraculous emotional and physical healing through God's gift of EFT by

    Miraculous Tap Into The Life You Were Meant to Live We all have had life experiences that left us feeling defeated, disempowered, and hopeless. Despite our attempts to forgive, forget, and move on, it still hurts. We put on a smile while secretly ...

  • 2B


    One in five people will have mental health challenges at some point in their lives. Some minor and some severe. 2B is an incredibly useful tool for anyone ages ten and up hoping to improve their mental health and well-being. Using a series of ...

  • Calm in the Storm

    A Collection of Simple Strategies You Can Use Right Now to Shift Out of Anxiety by

    Calm in the Storm offers simple techniques and profound concepts to help you develop fundamental skills in settling over-whelming emotion. There are moments in our lives when emotion comes on so strong and so fast that we feel out of control, ...

  • My Many, Many, Many Feelings

    A Guide for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, Counsellors, and Other Helpers to Talk about Difficult Topics by

    WOODLAND WISDOM BOOKS were created to support parents, caregivers, educators, counsellors, and other helpers in the community to navigate difficult subjects with children. As a Children’s Counsellor, I am often asked, “How do I talk to a child about ...

  • Love Unfolded

    A Deconstruction of Relationship, Marriage and Sex in the Past and Present Time by

    Where there is love there is life. But what love is? To understand love at the deepest level, we need to know what love is and how it is explained? This book attempts to share inspiring insights, anecdotal experiences and perhaps incomplete yet ...

  • Is There Any Ice Cream?

    Surviving the Challenges of Caregiving for a Loved One with Alzheimer's, Anxiety, and COPD by

    In 2018, the Alzheimer Society of Canada website showed over half a million people in Canada were living with dementia. That same year, the Alzheimer Association website reported that over 5.7 million in the US were living with a form of memory ...