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    • 978-1-4602-9768-1
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    • 630 pages
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  • Keywords
    • Addictions,
    • Dependence,
    • Healthy recovery,
    • Twelve-Step program support,
    • Self-help for addiction recovery,
    • Spirituality and recovery,
    • Substance use help

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Spiritual Transformation
An In-depth Examination of Addictions, Culture, Relationships, and the Twelve-Step Journey from Addicted to Recovered.
by Richard W. Clark

Spiritual Transformation examines the subtle and complex nature of addictions and poly-addictions—alcohol, drugs, pornography, shopping, eating, work, etc., the myths and traps that defeat recovery from them, the structure and intent of each of the twelve steps, the related roles of psychology, therapy, medicine, the underlying spiritual philosophy of each of those steps, what ‘being recovered’ actually means, the over-riding importance of the five spiritual principles, and much more. It is written for anyone in any twelve-step program, for family and friends of addicts of all stripes, for educators, for professionals who work with addicts and alcoholics, and anyone who wishes to understand the intricate workings of addiction. Richard Clark has presented this material in various formats since 1986 to over ninety thousand people.

“I wasn’t expecting what I got when I bought this book. As a woman and former client of several therapists, I always felt a little patronized. I was reading this and realized I wasn’t being patronized or spoken down to. I am actually shocked at how clear addictions are to me now. As a woman struggling to find recovery from sex and relationship addiction, I know what I need to do. After looking through many, many self-help books, I have finally found a real one.” S.T. “It was truly a pleasure to immerse myself in this volume, which has obviously been the culmination of decades of work. Addictions are social, physical, psychological, and spiritual phenomena of which very much has been written, but which can still leave those who suffer from them feeling misunderstood, isolated, and without a road map to heal. This book is a warm and caring step-by-step guide to coming out of that isolation and neither pities nor patronizes, but instead deeply respects its readers.” B.E. “As someone with a background in sociology, psychology, and spirituality, as well as someone who has several family members in and out of recovery/twelve step programs, I found the book immensely enlightening. I also found it quite illuminating on a personal level as I sought to apply many of your insights and teaching to my own lifestyle and relationships. You have done a wonderful job of creating an incredibly valuable resource whether or not someone considers him or herself an addict in need of recovery. ” F.P.

Richard Clark is a certified addictions counsellor and therapist (CACII), is certified in Self Regulation Therapy® and Emotional Freedom Techniques, and is a life-skills personal empowerment coach and coach trainer. He has taught or led seminars that address addictions, communications, sexuality, violence, religion, spirituality, relationships, leadership, Buddhism, counselling, energy psychology, trauma, and developmental dependency needs. He has lectured in Russia, the United States, China, Israel, England, and Canada. He’s been a counsellor/educator since 1986 and presently lives near Vancouver, BC.


Richard W. Clark

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