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  • 1894

    The Deeper Story of Moose Factory's Great Flood by

    1894: The Deeper Story of Moose Factory’s Great Flood is an account of an ice jam-induced flood that occurred at the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) fur trading post on Moose Factory Island, which is situated along the James Bay coast in Canada's north. ...

  • Magic Travels


    “What are the magic words?” “Abracadabra!” chorused the voices of the twenty or so children grouped around my feet. “Absolutely not,” I said as solemnly as I could. They have been changed this year to …” Magic permeates the remarkable journey of the ...

  • The Man Who Licks Rocks

    A Memoir - His Amazing Geological & Mineral Journeys leading to his Deliberations on Climate Change & Global Population-Pandemics by

    The earth is constantly changing, as it has for the past 4.6 billion years. The massive geological shifts that have happened over earth’s long history have led to various climate changes, including ice ages and warming periods. Despite dire warnings ...

  • It's The Sun, Not Us

    How Global Warbling and Green Ideology have Hijacked Science by

    Earth’s climate is changing—it always has and always will. The cause may be debated, but “man-made global warming” has become the accepted narrative and “Big Oil” the popular villain. Anyone daring to challenge this “consensus” is attacked: smeared, ...

  • The Deep Pull

    A Major Advance in the Science of Tides by

    As science advances at breakneck speed, it becomes harder to make new discoveries and chart uncharted territory. Yet The Deep Pull: A Major Advance in the Science of Ocean Tides does just that. This book offers the world a new model of tide ...

  • A Wilderness of Rocks

    The Impact of Relief Models on Data Science by

    Discover the University of Wisconsin collection of historic relief models, or three-dimensional maps. The University of Wisconsin relief models were crafted from 1875-1943 at the dawn of the analytics age. Relief models are an extremely effective ...

  • Geology of Utah's Mountains, Peaks, and Plateaus

    Including descriptions of cliffs, valleys, and climate history by

    Utah’s landscape is among the most spectacular in the world. It is a region of prominent peaks, sweeping valleys, dramatic canyons, and plateaus rimmed by sheer cliffs. Unique among western states, Utah’s landscape includes the Colorado Plateau, ...

  • Inundation

    The Drowning of Prince Edward Island by

    Breaking people’s hearts while saving their lives is part of Quinn Axworthy’s job. As the government’s point man on climate change, he’s watched families lose their houses, their history, even their lives to the sea. For Laura MacIsaac, the ocean is ...