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  • God and Green Tea


    In her memoir, God and Green Tea, Canadian minister and former nurse Marilyn-Ann Elphick shares spiritual practices that have helped her flourish in the face of challenges throughout her life. Elphick’s recollections reveal the importance of ...

  • A Prison Chaplaincy Manual

    The Canadian Context by

    The manual provides a rationale for chaplaincy by using Winnifred Sullivan's three categories of religious secularism, irreligious secularism, and areligious secularism to outline the essential and transforming value of spiritual care services ...

  • TRANSITIONS - Stepping Into The Shoes Of A Predecessor

    Mastering the Art of Taking Over from Someone Ahead of You by

    Stepping Into The Shoes of a Predecessor is an attempt to help pastors, churches, organizations and ministries to better understand the process and aspects of ministry transition. Transfer of responsibility and authority often entails much more than ...

  • Talking About Sex

    Sexuality and Biblical Law with Topical Concordance by

    If you’ve been looking for a Bible study on Sexuality, then this is the book for you! Sexuality has been a divisive issue in many churches. Many of us want to be faithful Christians but aren't sure what to do with Biblical law and sexuality. ...

  • Getting Your Message Across

    The Nuts & Bolts Guide to Preaching with an Interpreter by

    With over forty years of experience ministering cross-culturally, Kim Pensinger presents this “nuts-and-bolts” guide to interpretative communication, or the art of speaking in public through the use of an interpreter. He addresses the theory, ...

  • A Christ Appointed Ministry

    The God Ordained Ministry by

    What is the Call of God to Ministry? A detailed panoramic writing explaining what the genuine call of God involves within the ministry. All must understand the “fivefold ministry callings”, a multiple eldership and your ministry. The call of God is ...

  • How to Pray for Revival


    In this life we can know the love of God. When we do have a relationship with our Lord we are responsible to share the great gift that was freely given to us. As a Christian you will find this book to be inspirational and instructional on how to ...

  • Glimpses of Grace

    Reflections of a Prison Chaplain by

    “Glimpses of Grace” relates the joys and challenges of a prison chaplain through a series of one-page vignettes. The open-ended stories are written with a pastor’s heart that seeks to minister to the needs and hopes of offenders who have committed ...