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  • Psalms of an Ordinary Woman II


    Psalms of an Ordinary Woman II continues to share how God’s love and grace, allows His people to find joy in the midst of life’s challenges. This book is for anyone seeking spiritual comfort in a challenging world. Do not let the briars and ...

  • Salvation


    Who is Iso Masih?? Ihu Karaiti?? Yexus Khetos?? With forty-one names for Jesus Christ woven into her poem, the author has written a stunningly unique biography of the Savior, beginning before creation and concluding with His eternal glory. The ...

  • Seven From Heaven


    Seven from Heaven is an illustrated collection of seven poems including David and Goliath, The Apostle Paul, and Jesus The Only Savior, that speak of the sovereignty and grace of God. Gordon Luncheon conveys critical biblical truths in verse form ...

  • Early Christianity In Its Song and Verse

    CE 300-1300 by

    In the present work Professor Glendinning sets out to convey some idea of the richness of the Christian experience in the poetry—hymn lyrics and other verse forms—from Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, CE 300-1300. It is the period sometimes ...

  • Time To Stand And Stare

    Meditations On A Mountain Path by

    Part meditation, part travelogue, and part literary analysis, Time to Stand and Stare: Meditations on a Mountain Path, takes readers along on the author’s physical and metaphorical exploration of Wales and the Apostle’s Creed and the Beatitudes. ...

  • His Marvellous Favour


    His Marvellous Favour takes the reader on an odyssey deep into messages of forgiveness and freedom, protection and blessing, wisdom and worship. Discovered while walking in faith and obedience, these messages will inspire readers to either renew ...

  • Leaning Upwards


    “I’m like a black pearl. Dark words, dark days, dark woes hum in my agitated mind.” We each struggle with the good and the bad; those uncertain days that pull us from here to there. But if we look up, lean up, we can tackle any issue for He will ...

  • The True Writer's Life

    Discovering the Author and Finisher of Our Faith by

    This book has the potential to transform aspiring writers into published authors! Inside every reader is a writer, and inside every writer is a spiritual being, but even deeper than that, every spiritual being has the ability to tap into the mind ...