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faith, worship, poetry, Christianity, theology, prayer, inspirational

His Marvellous Favour
by Louisa Ciarallo

His Marvellous Favour takes the reader on an odyssey deep into messages of forgiveness and freedom, protection and blessing, wisdom and worship. Discovered while walking in faith and obedience, these messages will inspire readers to either renew their relationship with their Creator or meet Him for the first time. Simple yet thought-provoking excerpts from the Word of God buttress each theme and immerse the reader in a unique blend of theology and verse.

We are reminded, time and again, that what each of us believes within our hidden self is what controls us, whether true and good, or not. Building on that idea, this inspirational book challenges us to bring that hidden self to the surface where we can nurture it and nourish it with the Word of God. Feeding our souls at the feast of His Word will enrich our journey of faith, particularly as we seek to understand who God is and why we should praise His sacrifice to the universe, His magnificent gift, His Marvellous Favour.

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Poet Louisa Ciarallo’s strong faith and relationship with her Lord are nowhere more evident than in her writing. She shares her heart with passion and expressiveness in her warm, fervent offerings of worship. She combines scripture with her poetry and prose to create a truly unique style of work, which she calls “love letters” to her Lord. Ms. Ciarallo’s poems each speak their own message, clearly communicating the serious thoughts of her innermost heart. Readers will find her use of poetry and prose to honour her Lord gives birth to work that is both inspirational and enlightening. Louisa Ciarallo was born and raised in Montreal, (Quebec) Canada. This is the Author’s first collection of her work in Poetry.


Louisa Ciarallo

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