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faith, Christianity, perseverance, God’s faithfulness, God’s sovereignty, marriage, prayer

Beyond The Smile
My Job Experience
by Deidre Davis Powell

It is safe to say that we all have our fair share of struggles, heartbreaks and days when we do not see a way out. We have all experienced highs and lows in life, maybe you are going through a dark period of depression as we speak.

This book is a strategic guide, written by a woman who has experienced and survived some of life’s most dangerous battles. Written from a faith-based perspective, the author demonstrated how her personal battles left her confused, hurt and questioning the very existence of God and his ability to come through for her.

Author Deidre Davis Powell used her journey in life to address some of the topics that affect you most. She was truthful and transparent as she outlined intimate details of her life. She revealed secrets and troubling elements that would have remained unspoken had it not been for this book. With each chapter she dug deeper into everyday struggles from immigration, long-distance relationship, losing her home and job all in a matter of weeks to bouncing back and creating the life she always dreamed of.

Beyond The Smile: My Job Experience is designed to demonstrate real-time triumphs through perseverance, prayer and faith that may sometimes waver but is always improving.

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A writer, former tutor and small business owner. Deidre Davis Powell holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management. She spent most of her career in Education tutoring and contributing to the development of young minds. After experiencing heart-wrenching setbacks in life and wishing she had a handbook to follow. Deidre decided to pen this book based solely on the heartbreaking experiences and triumphs she endured over the years. It is her intent to demonstrate that with faith, perseverance and a great support system anything is possible. She enjoys music, the outdoors and quality time with her family.


Deidre Davis Powell

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