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  • First Person Singular

    An Alternative to God by

    There is no soul that lives on past the death of the body, no reincarnation, no life after death. Most religions today are outdated, and their teachings can no longer be logically sustained. Fear of death and what is to become of us after we die ...

  • Alligator Pants

    Walking Beyond My Faith by

    Until eight years ago, Tania Kuehn attended church regularly and considered herself a devout Christian. As she entered the early years of adulthood, however, questions crept in and her faith was shaken, and she eventually realized that she and the ...

  • The God Con

    Pay, Pray, Obey by

    The crucifix is in! You can fool most of the people most of the time. In The God Con, Lee Moller, a life-long atheist and skeptic, looks at organized religion through the lens of the con. Organized religion has been selling an invisible product, ...

  • Why You Won't Go To Hell


    Can we live a moral life without God? Are religions a force of good in the world? Is there life after death? In Why You Won’t Go to Hell, Benjamin Andrews argues that the time of religion is passing, and that humanity must create new laws and new ...